December 2, 2021
Is the On-Premise Slump Finally Coming to an End?

Data has just been released for the annual Thanksgiving Eve report, detailing results from the all-important on-premise party occasion.

Good news: not only were last Wednesday's trends up double digits vs. the same day in 2020, but on-premise volumes were also up healthily vs. the pre-pandemic year, 2019.

"After a slump in 2020, leveled by the impact of Covid, Thanksgiving Eve returned to its rightful place as the biggest on-premise party night of the year," per BeerBoard, whose technology helps manage many of the largest on-premise chains' bar sales.

"On-premise volumes were up significantly (+79.7%) when compared to 2020 Thanksgiving Eve. It was also up a healthy +8.4% over 2019 Thanksgiving Eve."

Thanksgiving Eve 2021 also saw a 69% lift vs. the prior Wednesday.

Compared to 2020 holiday trends, where the country's biggest metros experienced lockdowns or curbed gatherings, places like New York and LA saw some of the biggest year over year growth.

"Of the cities we tracked, Los Angeles led the growth, up +169.1% over Thanksgiving Eve 2020," BeerBoard reported.

Chicago was up 143.6%, followed by New York City, up 97.7%.


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