January 14, 2021
Pura Vida Tequila’s On-Premise “Purveyor of the Month”

This month we celebrate King Ranch Texas Kitchen as our Pura Vida Tequila on-premise purveyor of the month. The Fertitta family worked with King Ranch to open this 10,000 square foot restaurant this past November, just in time for the Holidays.

The space, which formerly housed Willie G’s Seafood and Steaks, is generously designed with Texas in Mind. “Houstonians will get to experience a first-of-its-kind, Texas flair urban kitchen that we know everyone will enjoy,” says Tilman Fertitta.

King Ranch president and CEO, Robert Underbrink describes King Ranch Texas Kitchen as “a visionary concept where Texas heritage collides with legendary cuisine.” Dining at King Ranch Texas Kitchen is not just eating a quality meal; it’s a dining experience that will foster moments and memories that will never fade. The attention to detail and Texas tradition brings this kitchen to life. No feature goes unnoticed in this Texas Kitchen. Authentic hand-created leather embellishments and hand-selected decor from King Ranch placed in an upscale modern industrialized setting creates an illuminating dining experience encompassed in living Texas history.

Over the years, King Ranch, the largest ranch in the U.S., has become an extremely popular tourist destination. Visitors arrive at King Ranch each year to enjoy the agricultural, wildlife, and historical tours through this cornerstone of American culture. Critics agree, this restaurant venture is the perfect representation of the iconic King Ranch brand.

In Texas, one thing is certain, the value of a kitchen table is absolute. It is the launching pad for conversations and celebrations, conflicts and resolutions, families and friendships. The goal is to build a kitchen table that will honor the hospitality rooted deeply in the history of King Ranch, but one that will also nourish a brighter future for all. If that’s the kind of kitchen table experience that speaks to you, pull up a chair and join the conversation!

The menu is overseen by Carlos Rodriguez as executive chef, who previously worked with Vic & Anthony’s, a fine-dining restaurant in the Landry’s portfolio. Rodriguez diligently worked with King Ranch to translate their brand into a culinary experience unlike any other. The menu offers modern culinary innovations with expert craftsmanship, inspired by Texas dining traditions.

From the liquor side of the menu, there are specialty cocktails and a vast, carefully curated bar, including all expressions of Pura Vida Tequila. We especially want to acknowledge the work of James Kramer, Vice President of beverage operations for Landry’s, and the entire beverage team for their support of craft brands like Pura Vida Tequila and their commitment to consistently offering top of the notch liquor selections at every Landry’s restaurant.

We encourage all Houstonians to come visit King Ranch Texas Kitchen, and enjoy weekday Happy Hour from 3-6pm. It will be an unforgettable experience!

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