September 2, 2020
Pura Vida Tequila’s “Purveyor of the Month”

This month we want to celebrate Mi Tierra in San Antonio, Texas as our Pura Vida Tequila "Purveyor of the Month." Part restaurant, part bakery, and total explosion of light and color, decorated for Christmas year-round, this Market Sq behemoth has been dishing out Mexican staples since its inception 1941, when Pedro and Cruz Cortez opened a little three-table cafe for early-rising farmers and workers at San Antonio’s Mercado. Sixty years later Mi Tierra Cafe is a world-famous landmark - the place hometown regulars and hungry tourists go for authentic Mexican food and a warm Texas welcome. This Tex-Mex restaurant is a signature of downtown San Antonio, TX. Pedro’s and Cruz’s children and grandchildren continue the family tradition of good Tex-Mex food and big-hearted hospitality at Mi Tierra, which now seats over 500 and is still located in Market Square, El Mercado. Next time you are in San Antonio, make sure to check out Mi Tierra, and stop by the bar to order a Pura Vida Tequila cocktail!

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