January 13, 2022
What Strategies Will Off-Premise Retailers Use In 2022?

It is the first issue of the year, and so let's get into what strategies the major retailers are looking at as they have made and make their plans for 2022 and 2023.

For answers, we look to Bump Williams at BWC, retail specialist. He groups the big retailer strategies into buckets,

FIRST MOVERS. These retailers are on fire to drive space and resources to new and hot categories, like ranch water and new seltzers/fmbs.

GROWERS NOT SHOWERS. These retailers lean into bigger brands that are growing raw dollars in the past year (not share), and this mainly includes hard seltzers. But when you get past the seltzers, you get a few brands that stand out.

GOATS. This group of "astute" retailers will focus on the OG's, which maybe arnen't growing, but still drive traffic and basket rings. 

IMPACT BRANDS. These "more aggressive" retailers will focus on leading growth brands using BWC's algo that considers dollar size, growth, price, velicity and distribution.


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