June 2, 2021
Will Spirit Sales Bounce Back After Pandemic Fall?

Global alcohol sales have fallen by 6% during the last year 0r around 15.8 billion litres during the pandemic, new data from Euromonitor International has revealed. 

The data came from more than 100 countries, highlighting the top twenty alcohol markets. It showed the largest declines in sales volumes year-on-year were in South Africa (down 20.4%), which not only shuttered ospitality venues but also curtailed the domestic sale of alcohol in three separate lockdowns, totalling more than 20 weeks.

Among the top twenty markets, India also saw declines of 19%, with  Spain (14.4%) Vietname (14%), followed by the UK, which saw sales down by 10.1%. Thailand also saw declines (-9.3%), along with Italy and the world’s largest alcohol market China (-8.5%), France (8%), Mexico (-7.2%), Japan and Poland  (-5.9%), and Germany (-5.2%). The US, which is the second largest market for alcoholic drinks saw flat sales, with year on year decline of only 0.6%.

However, declines were not seen across the board, with sales up in South Korea and Canada (0.4%) Australia (1.3%), Russia (1.7%), Argentina (2.7%) and Brazil, which defied calls for lockdwon, growing by 4.1%.


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